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GuideSafe™ is a platform that empowers everyone to join the fight against COVID-19 using two things – tools and actions. 

Keep scrolling to learn how you can use your social media platforms to build awareness of GuideSafe™ and help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Exposure Notification App

One of the key tools to fight COVID-19 and slow its spread is right in your pocket. Using the Exposure Notification App will notify you if you’ve likely been exposed.

Use the videos and suggested captions below to post to your channels.

Just downloaded the new COVID-19 exposure app! It uses the Exposure Notifications System from Google and Apple to fight COVID-19 without compromising privacy.

Really happy to have new technology available in Alabama to help stop the spread of COVID! This app will notify you if you’ve likely been exposed to COVID-19.

The new COVID-19 exposure notification app for Alabama is now available! I’ve downloaded it to do my part to help stop the spread and I encourage you to do the same.

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PSA Videos

Encourage your followers to use the Exposure Notification App by uploading a quick selfie video. Talking points are below.

  • Download Alabama’s new COVID-19 Exposure Notification App to your iPhone or Android for free by searching “GuideSafe” in the app store.
  • The app allows you to anonymously report your own positive diagnosis, or it will notify you if you’ve been exposed to someone with COVID-19.
  • It works by assigning people who are using the app with random phone codes. As you go about your day, your phone – and the phones around – you will exchange these random codes via Bluetooth.
  • If someone tests positive and reports it to the app – and the app recognizes that, that person’s code and yours have come into close contact – it will alert you.
  • The app ultimately protects your privacy while giving you the power to protect the health of yourself, your family, and your community.
  • We all have to work together to beat this together.
  • Go to to learn more and do your part in stopping the spread!

Business Resources

This app helps stop COVID in Alabama.

Help stop COVID in Alabama with an app.

Letter Template

GuideSafe™ App How-To

University Resources

Cancel COVID.
Not Class.

Spread the App
Not the Virus.

Letter Template

GuideSafe™ App How-To

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