Privacy Statement

The Alabama Department of Public Health is using GuideSafe™ Exposure Notifications to protect citizens from the spread of COVID-19. Using this app keeps your identity anonymous. If you are potentially exposed to a COVID-19 positive person, you will be notified anonymously.

Does GuideSafe™ collect my personal information?

GuideSafe™ does not collect or store personal information such as your name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address, or location to show exposures. GuideSafe™ does not access your personal contacts, either on your device or on social media apps.

So, what data does the app collect?

Every few minutes, your device will generate anonymous codes which will be exchanged when you come in close proximity with other people who are also using the GuideSafe™ app. If you share a positive test for COVID-19, those anonymous codes will be matched to help notify others with the app that they have been potentially exposed to.

For the data collected on my device, can I or anyone else see it?

No, the data are secured and encrypted.

How does GuideSafe™ protect my identity?

GuideSafe™ cannot determine your identity or the identity of the people you come in contact with. GuideSafe™ uses Bluetooth signals to exchange anonymous codes. All data associated with Bluetooth are encrypted. The codes are encrypted and stored in the device’s operating system and are not accessible through GuideSafe™. Codes are automatically deleted after 14 days.

Does GuideSafe™ track my location?

GuideSafe™ does not collect any location data, including GPS data. Your movements are not tracked in any way. The type of operating system you use — Apple iOS or Android — is shared.

Do any data leave my phone?

Exposure data do not leave the device until you decide to share a positive COVID-19 test through GuideSafe™. The data exchanged when sharing a positive test will be a verification code that is sent to your device. This verification number will be entered into the app to enable the sharing process. This number will not be stored after use. The exposure data itself is only stored and processed on your device.

How is my data protected?

The limited data that you share with servers will stay in the United States on secure servers. The data saved on your device and the connections to the server are encrypted end-to-end.

If I delete the app, are all the anonymous codes deleted as well?

If you delete the app, all the anonymous codes are deleted as well. You can also delete the anonymous codes stored on your device before they’re automatically deleted after 14 days. You can’t, however, delete anonymous codes that are stored on other people’s devices or that you shared with the app when sharing a positive test.

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